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Now!Campaign is striving to combine our many disparate efforts conducted over the years into a cohesive, comprehensive and long-term initiative to identify, protect and advocate for all POCs. The key components of this initiative include:


  • Maintain POC list and update POC information

  • Monitor POCs’ conditions in prison/detention


  • Training/coaching for family members on rights

  • Follow-up interviews

  • Forum for sharing experience and tips


  • Legal representation before and at trials

  • Reports to UN Special Rapporters and Working Groups

  • “Adopt a POC” campaign, for individual POCs and groups of related POCs

  • Public campaigns

  • Involvement of family members in Vietnam or overseas


  • Regional campaigns

  • International campaigns

  • In-country campaigns


  • Regular contact with families of POCs, directly or through intermediaries

  • Emergency assistance

  • Networking of families of POCs

  • Livelihood projects


  • Networking families of POCs

  • Matching each family of POC with an individual or group “sponsor”

  • Training/coaching for POC’s community if applicable

  • Post-release support for restoration of livelihood and capabilities

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